March 26, 2005

The big cosmic prank

Why does it seem, at times, that life is out to get us? I’m aware that spouting such sentiments makes me sound like the poster girl for paranoia but bear with me: Is life really out to get us? Is this what life’s all about? A huge cosmic setup whose primary goal is to get us?

Why are we given this human nature and expected to fight against it tooth and nail in order to be deemed upright and acceptable? Why are characteristics such as greed, selfishness and lust built into us when giving into these very impulses is tantamount to committing a grievous sin? Why do we spend a big chunk of our lives at loggerheads with traits that appear to be as natural to us as breathing, eating and sleeping? Why are we condemned when we are unable to overcome the very traits with which we were born through not fault or choice of our own?

When put this way, does it not seem that we are hopeless saps attempting to fight a battle we can never realistically win? The more interesting question might be: why do we even bother trying?

We try because of expectations, I suppose. Expectations from the people around us. We’re expected to do the right thing (which is tough sometimes because what’s really ‘right’ anyway?), feel a certain way and not feel a certain way, say certain things and not say certain things, do certain things and never, ever do certain things. Should we have the audacity to flippantly dismiss these expectations, we will certainly suffer the consequences …

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