April 26, 2005

Everybody go "Ohmmm..."

Can we truly control our minds? Why does it often feel as though our minds have a mind of their own? Why do we obsess over things we’d rather not be thinking about?

People would tell you that when you want to stop thinking about something, all you gotta do is think about something else … but aren’t you then thinking of not wanting to think of it, and therefore, indirectly thinking about it anyway?

Are we merely in some sort of tug of war – our conscious selves kicking and dragging the subconscious through the mud? Why the hell can’t they ever get along?

This raises an interesting question: if every one of us houses two different wills within us, does that mean that, in a planet of 6 billion folks, there are actually 12 billion wills at work? With all the ridiculous fighting going on, I think it’s hardly necessary for us to be fighting within ourselves on top of everything else.

But with so many wills at work, which one is truly reflective of what I want? The conscious? The subconscious? Which is superior to the other? Which is right / wrong? True / false? And let’s not bring God into the equation (ie. His will is good and perfect and timely, blah blah blah) because we aren’t always made privy to His will now, are we?

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