November 30, 2006

Accutane Does What?!!

Do Not Get Pregnant!
Originally uploaded by Theo Workman.
I’m so disturbed. Was surfing two nights ago when I decided to look up Accutane. For a while there, I was scared shitless. Apparently, it’s “the biggest breakthrough in acne drug treatment over the last 20 years” and works “miracles” and produces “tremendous, dramatic improvement” but may lead to … brace yourselves …

… serious problems with organs like the liver, intestines, eyes, ears, and skeletal system. If you’re pregnant, your kid will probably come out deformed. And according to the USDA, “Some patients taking Accutane have developed serious psychiatric problems, including depression. More rarely, patients have developed suicidal behavior and killed themselves.”

Good freaking grief!!! So what does this mean? It’s either you live life looking like the offspring of Cousin It and some woman named Olga, or you have real clear skin and die of liver disease. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

I wonder what I should do now. Give it till the fourth week and see if I get the urge to roll myself down a cliff, I guess. Beautiful and dead vs ugly and alive. That’s one bitch of a choice, isn’t it?

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