November 02, 2005

I Take Issue With The Word Sweet

To me, “You’re so sweet” implies:

1. nice, benign, pleasant, mundanely pleasant.

2. unexciting, sugary, weak, harmless, no edge, edge-less.

3. no threat, threat-less, dull as dishrag.

4. someone who spends her afternoons folding miniature stars from fluorescent colour papers, pouring them into a jar and decorating it with a pink ribbon so that she can give it to her little boyfriend on their 3rd month anniversary.

5. tiny smiles, agreeable, acquiescent, yes yes yes all the time.

6. eyes peeking out under thick bangs.

7. domestic, fluffy pink slippers, fluffy pink T-shirts

8. naïve, innocent, young, child-like, angelic

9. halo hugging skull

10. doormat, pink fluffy doormat

11. prim, proper, knee-length gingham skirt, ponytail, pink cardigan buttoned to the chin

12. scrunchie

13. crying at soppy movies

14. happily ever after

Most people consider "sweet" to be a compliment. Am I peculiar because I seem to take it as an unintended insult?

1 comment:

FlyButtafly said...

Hi - I'd appreciate if you'd take down the image of my daughter from this posting. If you'd like to use someone else's images to flout your ideas, feel free. But I don't want my daughter's face to be used in your anti-sweet argument. Thank you.